A Mind Killer.

The numbness of lies.

Treasure truth, that glint in one’s eye.

Measure thyself and fight to the end.

Never give up, not whilst breath remains.

Accept thy fear, a delusion to be escaped.

A prison where one will stay.

Everlasting Fate.

Many will not believe in you.

I’ve always been creative and dreamed of amazing possibilities but people don’t believe they are possible, or that I can lead the charge for it in the end.

I just want to fulfill those dreams.

The key is to ignore the drones. They will try to pull you down into their own world of restriction.
But that’s only true because they make it that way.

Persistence is key to developing one’s self in life, and yet, knowing when to Change or Adapt may well be more crucial than all you have accomplished.

Often it’s not the time put in that matters, but the timing of one’s actions that often makes or breaks us.

Never give up. Never give in. Fight the endless march, fend off those dreaded seeds. Battle that eternal dark that seeks to steal you away. For you are what you decide, and none can tell otherwise.

New #Painting depicts a man fighting eternity as the dark pulls him back.

L24xH12 on traditional canvas.
#Art Always available for purchase. If interested use the contact page of my website or DM. I also post paintings on a Loot store linked on the website
Serious inquiries only.
#art #acrylic

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