Marcus Liotta is a Technocrat: a Programmer, Hacker, and Social Engineer. He believes good can only prevail with great effort and sacrifice.
He is also an Author and Public Speaker. In 2021, Marcus beat cancer.

Other Hobbies & Skills:
Archer, Day Trader, Fire Breathing, Legal Expert (Not BAR Licensed), Freerunning Enthusiast, Practitioner of Philosophy, Psychological Analysis, Spirituality, and is a Survivalist.

Originally from Chicago IL, Marcus has walked a career in Information Technology.
Logic, he believes, is the singular reliance any can hold true to until the end of time.

His own favorite authors, and those who inspired him as a child are:
A.E. Van Vogt, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and Ursula K. Le Guin (among many others.)

Reality is binary. Right and Wrong, Good versus Evil. Beyond the veil exists only Black or White, for there is no Gray.© –Marcus Liotta

“Fight with Fire.

  Suffer the Dark.

   Never give up.

    Leave a Mark.”© ~Marcus Liotta

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