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Behind The Door


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Cold. The wretched feeling returned and with it an unbridled fear. His powers were meaningless in the face of this demon, an indiscriminate butcher.
When darkness finally sets in, only madness will remain.


A terrifying apparition follows the same psychic whose every step is laden with chaos. In fleeing he unlocks mysterious powers, yet the past is never far behind, seeing fit to take on a murderous rampage.

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Stranded on Planet X-3

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Stranded in a place where everything sees him as its next meal. Can he escape?
Feature Type: Short Story
Science Fiction / Horror


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Chosen_06-18-2018_twitterCory knew it was all bad, but how could he have seen the truth? Never in his darkest of nightmares did he expect himself trapped.

The school bore a terrible secret, one which haunted the minds of those whisked away in the dead of night. Many never noticed, some children however felt something deep within their bones. A certainty prevailed, that those cherished birthday parties were none so bright.
Why did so many disappear and who could be trusted?
What’s really going on?

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