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I’ll be in Las Vegas Nevada on August 8th 2019 for a Social Engineering presentation. Presenting at 430pm.
The topic? “Leveraging the Insider threat, oh, and how to Be Awesome.

SEVillage at DEF CON

UPDATE 8/11/2019


Speaking at #DEFCON27 was an amazing experience!

Discovered the day before I would present to at least 800 people rather than around 250-300 like prior years’ history suggested. That surprise never phased me.
I was ecstatic!

I am grateful for the positive experience I was able to provide for many individuals, especially those who spoke to me later on and were clearly trying to understand themselves for the better.

To know I helped even a few dozen in the crowd (confirmed by direct interaction), proves to me that making the decision to speak, putting in as much effort as I did, it was not only worth it; but the Right action for me to take.

Tips for Life:
Say “Yes”!
Dont give up!
Stay Positive!
Be Good to others and Outgoing!
Everyone has a skill you don’t have, ask for help!


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Cold. The wretched feeling returned and with it an unbridled fear. His powers were meaningless in the face of this demon, an indiscriminate butcher.
When darkness finally sets in, only madness will remain.


A terrifying apparition follows the same psychic whose every step is laden with chaos. In fleeing he unlocks mysterious powers, yet the past is never far behind, seeing fit to take on a murderous rampage.

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