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Speaker Opportunities

I speak at Tech Events, but also in the local Dallas Texas area on Psychology and Philosophy, aspects of life; how to overcome obstacles.
If you would like me to Speak at an event, please submit a form via my Contact Page on this website. Thank you.

New Release Pending!

A SciFi Horror Novella is pending release in January 2020.
If you would like a FREE DIGITAL COPY and participate as an early reviewer – please submit a form via my Contact Page. Thank you.

Poetry Release!

I have an abundance of poetry that has been in works. Some of this has been released via my website and Twitter in the form of Graphic Art.
I am expecting to release a full book of poetry by the end of January-February 2020.
If interested in receiving a FREE DIGITAL COPY (or if released in paperback, a discounted copy), please use my submit a form on my Contact Page.

Prior Publications

Behind The Door

[Kindle / Paperback] or (Read More)

Cold. The wretched feeling returned and with it an unbridled fear. His powers were meaningless in the face of this demon, an indiscriminate butcher.
When darkness finally sets in, only madness will remain.


A terrifying apparition follows the same psychic whose every step is laden with chaos. In fleeing he unlocks mysterious powers, yet the past is never far behind, seeing fit to take on a murderous rampage.

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