Heart Break (Art)

The voice has spoken.
My mind is broken.
What have I become?
What will I do?
Those who know me say I’ve changed, but what does it really mean to stay the same?
My doubts light up the sky.
Heartbeat quickens with uncertain angst.
Of all I have said, all that was done, why was I left as a fish flailing under the sun?

A nice day no more.
Wasn’t to be that way, no fairy tale ending nor fond memory.
Instead there is only pain.
Sour taste.
Listless stare.
The walls close in.
I dare not breathe, for in doing so I would live but another moment.
Is that what I want?
The harsh reality is; I don’t even know.

New #Painting depicts a broken heart that is split in two.

L16xH20 on traditional canvas.
#Art Always available for purchase. If interested use the contact page of my website or DM. I also post paintings on a Loot store linked on the website https://marcusliotta.com
Serious inquiries only.
#art #acrylic

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