Torn Within (art)

Torn Within
New #Painting depicts a damaged soul.

L12xH24 on traditional canvas.
#Art Always available for purchase. If interested use the contact page of my website or DM. I also post some paintings on the website Loot Store at
Serious inquiries only.

Torn Within
Crawl forever
Blinded by greed
Wonder what it is I seek
Turn around, question it all, stare at that deranged gleam.

In the shadows
Where it laughs
Troubled in mind
Hard to catch
Unsure of such unrest.

Sitting there smiling he waits
A flicker in his eye
Glimmer in his teeth
Leaves me to wonder at what he seeks.

Is he me?
Am I him?
Who can I tell?
Not one soul would believe, never this hollowed shell.

We remain cold
Staunch as can be
All the while I question what it is I see.

He moves a moment
So slow I barely see
What is it he’s doing?
Why does he pressure me?

From the shadows he appears
Those long ears unfold
That narrowed and needled-nose
Nothing human I whisper
Not that I had expected as much
But then my mind wandered
The questions haunted my being
Is it live or is it dead?
What sort of monster waits for thee?

Can I run?
Can I hide?
Why bother, no escaping the monster inside.

A ray of sun
Clears the shadows away
In that moment I gasp at a stray
The visage I saw
Heinous and evil
It was but a farce
A reflection in truth
For it was but a mirror, a glimpse inside.
Proving myself an absolute lie.

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