Serpent Battle (art)

New #Painting depicts a serpent breathing fire on these unfortunate souls.

L20xH16 on traditional canvas.
#Art Always available for purchase. If interested use the contact page of my website or DM. I also post paintings on a store linked on the website Loot Store at
Serious inquiries only.
#dragonart #serpentart

Serpent fire drowned soldiers in a wake of golden flame, lighting up the landscape as  the darkness of encroaching dusk fell upon them.

They felt the flames just as any #dragon might bathe them in, but this was different. This was no story, nor was it fantasy. Rather, the newfound horror they experienced was their own; an ordeal that swept them off their feet and shattered the shields they used to defend themselves from that perilous attack. The serpent, for it had no wings, it swept them off their feet with the mighty and hot breath.
At first it was merely a strong gust, a wind of warm desert sand that they could not fathom, let alone expect would come from the gullet of such a hideously scaled beast.

But then, even as they were thrown from their feet, those men-at-arms, soldiers who thought themselves better than those they supposedly protected, it was these men who felt real fear that night.

Fire pelted their forms, stealing away flesh in the blink of an eye as that intense heat scorched down to their very bones.
The serpent left them there to be found, identified by others of their own kind and let them wonder what befell those two on that horrid eve.

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