Gifts (art)

A couple custom holiday gifts for friends.

Time is a gift when we spend it upon others and expect nothing in return.
But choose who you spend it on wisely, for everyone will always seek a piece of your time, a moment of your mind.

Time is a gift.
But be wary.
Those who take a moment of one's mind.
Drive insane you may find.
Toss and turn in bed.
Wakeup sickened by thy so-called friend.
Realize that they stole away, not the pain, but the reason you live all these days.
Push a change.
Force thy own hand.
Enjoy a life.
Escape that sense of enslavement.
Know not the 'why', but surely the who.
Embellished lies abound.
A sorry state of affairs.
Live life for you.
Drag thyself out of that tomb.

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