Often, people will misunderstand you.
This does not mean they held malice at heart, nor does it mean we should be retaliatory, it simply means people blind themselves by way of bias and conflicting emotional beliefs.
This is expected.
It is human.
Therefore, internalize.
We cannot allow ourselves to assume what another’s intentions are without first; observation.
Watching the words and actions another takes can quickly tell us if that individual is misinformed, spiteful, or even malign.

Frequently however, people are simply misguided and grow to hate a concept or person based solely on a one-sided window into that reality.
Demonstrating that in fact their window is instead a doorway, one they can join you on and look back to see a reflection of what they have become – it is then they may indeed see new light.
This is not easy.
For many, it is so difficult that the effort would waste oneself away all their life by merely fighting to open the door.
This is why all of our battles must be carefully decided upon.
Time and Focus are our only true resources in life, for once those expire (spent in many ways, especially in a manner that is wasteful), we are also sadly gone away, naught but a fish in the churning sea of time.

The question really comes to, how large will you grow within that grand expanse where your value is unlimited- but stifled by the moment.
Humanity is frail.
So small.
We are mere ants with delusions of grandeur, and living in a violent universe.
So then,
be wary of your vices, for they are what locks us away into a prison of our own making.

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