Threats are now the Way

A goal is not made Virtuous by way of Threat, rather it is Heinous.” ~Marcus Liotta

Regarding Mandates, does intent even matter?

The issue is the method.

To threaten our fellow man by way of ostracizing, eviction, firing, or even death, I fail to see how mandates save lives when those actions actually take them.

How death?


People need to eat.

Next? Refusal of Healthcare.

I support my hometown’s Police Union, and Chicago PD (IL). They are being forced to comply with vaccine mandates as of 10/15/2021.

Military and Police forces around the country are being forced to take the medical procedure, as are Doctors and Nurses who do not want it. New York state recently fired some estimated 30%~ of it’s medical practitioners due to the unwillingness to get vaccinated.

This should be alarming. Governments are intentionally and possibly maliciously causing hospitals to be understaffed. They will have trouble keeping up with normal day-to-day needs.

I am asking, why?

No one should be required to undergo a medical procedure under threat of a gun.
Once police cave, government will enforce much more.

This is troubling in many ways.

I am ashamed.
The individuals who applauded Medical Teams during the COVID-19 Pandemic are now openly demeaning the same Doctors and Nurses once viewed as heroic.

Yes, the same individuals heralded as heros are now the villains.

The “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” is government approval to bully ‘2nd class citizens.’

We cannot allow ourselves to be swept up in this neighbor versus neighbor propaganda. We are individuals, under one nation, a nation that was meant to provide Liberty and Justice for all.

And yet…

I have not seen Freedom nor any semblance of Justice for a very long time.

Since I was a child, even watching the twin towers burn on 9/11, I knew there was something terribly wrong with this country of ours.

So why do we believe they care about you or me?

Look at what they do, not what they say.

This is about stealing everything from you and me.

For whoever needs this: Never give up, never give in. Always fight for your right to exist.

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