COVID-19: the War on You

A goal is not made Virtuous by way of Threat, rather, it is Heinous.” ~Marcus Liotta

People have recently been sharing war versus COVID-19 death counts and I find the entire episode alarming.

Yes, often we have tossed about meaningless statistics and acted as if there is more to it than exists, but also, we are seeing a continual comparison of coronavirus to that of a war.

“We are in a war.” Many personalities on TV and YouTube have repeated over the months and now nearing years. (I don’t want to quote specific individuals but you know this is correct.)

I then ask however, what do they mean? Why are we in a war?

Is it the hospital staffing shortages the government and media has caused with their vaccine mandates?

Is it the food shortages, the supply-line crisis?

Is it the countless changes to what the government and media demand the American populace comply with? (while ignoring those rules themselves.)

Or perhaps, the war is not about money, perhaps it is not about a disease. Oh sure, there is one clearly that we see and endure… but that doesn’t seem to be the true villain now does it?

I am not surprised.

Instead of war, this is another alarming statistic much closer to coronavirus and the claimed death tallies.

Malpractice from medical practitioners kills an estimated 250,000 Americans per year.

Everyone should be aware of this, and its why getting a second opinion matters. Furthermore, I might also argue it was substantially more deaths than the first estimated year of COVID-19 – which is ripe with death record counting errors (even more than the 2020 election it seems.) ~ yes that is humor.

Since the beginning of our pandemic there has been the claim of a disease war. While many might agree to this comparison, the comparison itself seems implicit of a mental attack.

When we are told as a society we are “At War”, historically countries have been far more willing to give up their rights for the greater good.

So, what if, and I say this delicately… what if we are at war, but not as many media personalities and social memes claim.

What if the war is one for our minds, a war that intends upon stealing away the belief that any freedoms we once held were in fact mere inconvenience.

Be wary of anyone telling you medical advice, let alone anything complex with certainty. Complex matters in any sector, but especially with Healthcare, they are often misunderstood or abused when conveyed.

It is after all your body, it is your life.

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