Thoughts on a Long Night

People keep asking me if I am worried or concerned my cancer is being handled in time.
I don’t know.
I am as apathetic as always. It does not matter whether it stays or goes, for here I shall remain. Drained of sanity and yet pushing for more. My work isn’t nearly done, nor my time repaid. Perhaps one day that will change, but I know not within this lifetime.

People laugh, then cry, fall on hard times and yet still they tend to lie.
But I ask what it is they seek.
Why is thy outlook so bleak.
Wander aimless into the light.
Afraid of the dark that bites.
Never can withstand it, nor command respect, for their shell becomes tarnished and weak as those lies leave teeth even as one sleeps.
Don’t hesitate.
Nor fold one’s cards.
Don’t give in to the dark that haunts thy broken heart.
Instead question it all.
Reject the pain as it’s dealt.
Defy any lackluster fate given offhand.
Always find a new path, a new way, gaze at those who led themselves astray.
Scoff at them and make not the same mistakes.
Burning within.
Strength returns.
A soul feels the wind.
Forged in Fire, reborn again.
Seize thy destiny with an iron grip.

“Seizing Power”

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