Fade to Oblivion

Often we mistakenly fantasize that life and all of it’s glory, will last forever. But it won’t.

“Fade to Oblivion”

Everything changes, and in many cases opportunity you wished to pursue is gone in the batting of an eye.

That moment which was captured on camera, the one you can re-watch a hundred times, it will never happen again.

And sadly, watching a memory in an attempt to re-imagine the experience rarely does it justice. This is why I enjoy and yet openly despise video games, they create memories of experiences we gain which are nothing more than a pleasure made real by a lie.

If anything, the Coronavirus Pandemic has revealed how quickly, and easily, what we take for granted can be extinguished, even when we survive.

Loved ones gone. Friendships damaged. Travel to other countries or even states made difficult or impossible for an extended period of time. Basic necessities disappear from stores for those ill prepared.

So then, enjoy and treasure what you have. May it last longer than you, but, keep a cautious eye to external forces which may swiftly change your reality in ways you have yet to imagine.

If you have goals, desires, plans… take them while you are able. Do not assume as many have in the past, that they always have the same freedoms and options available.

Even so, still remember that someone must always fight a wrong. Someone must stand with a lantern to keep away that darkness. Even if it is only because no one else will.

Be not afraid.

I hope someone heeds this. Take a stand as I have on so many occasions, and do what is right, no matter the cost to yourself. Don’t give in to mortal fear and obligatory acceptance.

Nothing Good is easy. I do not regret making the right decisions for most of my human life, such as:

  • Teaching children in museums & classrooms, and also adults.
  • Spoken out on wrongs.
  • Demonstrated proper science & logic.
  • Taught Philosophy & Psychology.
  • Consoled those with mental anxiety and depression.
  • Saved lives, in a very literal sense.
  • Changed lives for the better.
  • Given many new & powerful perspectives.
  • Become loved & hated by many individuals.
  • Lastly, fought Government corruption and both won and lost in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. (Collins et al v. Treasury) – [a matter of illegal seizure and 5th Amendment Rights violations where hundreds of billions in dollars was stolen by the government from it’s own people, both during and in the wake of the 2007/2008 financial crisis the government directly caused.]

So now after all the pain it took to take action on many wrongs, to right them, I suffer yet another unexpected setback. I do regret not traveling abroad for the many years I could because now, I have a new personal dilemma outside of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I have cancer.

And, it is a cancer I received directly due to my past decisions and my own attempts to always do what is right. But those righteous decisions, we must all realize they may come with a price tag we do not anticipate.

I fully expect and know I will survive this episode, but, much depends on facets beyond one’s control. Such as, will doctors remove all affected material found before it spreads further? I am cautiously optimistic.

Regardless, always fight for what you believe in.

May you, yes you, enjoy a long and fully lived life.

Update: I yet live.

“Fight with Fire.
  Suffer the Dark.
   Never give up.
    Leave a Mark.”© ~Marcus Liotta

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