Interestingly, they seems closer to non-fiction.

We need to be cautious going forward that mankind does not become indentured to a strange and disturbing technocracy.

A fun watch for science fiction structure behind the mega-corporation WEYLAND-YUTANI of ALIEN.
Thought provoking.

Exploration Video:

What happens when Elon Musk makes a Mars base that is no longer under rule of the earth, is this the natural progression of mankind, that one man, or a few, own the stars themselves?

Final thoughts

We cannot know how this will end up in a hundred years, however, i believe it is right to say we will have a revolution in how we perceive government.

In the next turn, I see either mega-corporations owning everything, or, a forced Consortium whereby like in many science fiction stories, worlds join together under one Supreme governing force- but who knows how each world is controlled with that massive empire.

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