Crazy 2021

Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook… wow.

Imagine if we all had self-driving cars made by them, and they decided we could only go to Walmart.
Actually my bad, it would be WholeFoods.

But seriously…

Capitol Building rush on January 6th.

Laptops stolen from Senate/House members like Nancy Pelosi.

25th amendment.

Nuclear codes.

Mass Social Media exodus (Twitter / Facebook bans)

Parler banned from Apple, Google, and kicked off AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Trump stated “…I want you to know, our incredible journey is only just beginning.”

The President of the United States removed from Twitter and muted on the official @POTUS accounts, causing a stir of other world leaders to fear for their own public ability to speak.

My thoughts:

This is getting weird.

It is insane to see three tech companies conspire together to remove an entire social media platform… after the other primary social media platforms banned the users migrating.

This is silencing in a very war-like manner.

I would additionally allege, the fact that this is after many flocked to Parler after being banned means – these five tech companies did not want ANY of the banned users to ever have a real voice again. Scary.

Hypothetical (example):
You shop at target.
Target bans you from shopping there.

You decide to start shopping at Walmart, however, target asks the city to shut Walmart down because – you’re a bad influence.

This is the equivalent of what happened, but in digital format.
You the consumer are no longer allowed to go shopping without approval.

Is that not authoritarian?

Note: I have never used parler.*

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