Fae Perspective

“But why?”
The pixie cried, she pleaded the boy stay and explain.
Peter stiffened, his twelve years suddenly revealing a change, one so black it darkened the sunny day.
The Fae people backed away.
“Because,” he said coldly, “I don’t believe in you anymore.”

When someone stops believing in another, they also often cease to care what happens.
And that’s the point of this short.

The boy Peter, we can get the sense that he was quite important to the pixies and even loved by them.
Yet as soon as he stopped seeing them in a good light, decided they were no longer either “real” or “worth his time”, it is then his entire being shifted to them.

This is meant to share similarities with how one might see a friend or family member who cared so much; suddenly shatter dreams and any sense of faith that was once had in another.

Sometimes to others, they will not understand you do not mean to hurt them; but harm them you have.
And, that is the moment they will remember you for.

Hopefully, these are the subconscious thoughts I pulled out of readers. ~Marcus Liotta

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