What Comes (poetry)

“…and then came the wolves.”

Questions on all minds
Queries to pine
Dreams sequestered
Fiends dripping with poison most unkind
Quickly they say, drive home the win
But they did not see the trap was sprung
Nor eye the paint on the walls for what it was
Blood of their own and the lies they’ve told
A harrowing call that condemns them all.
Quake in boots
Drawn and Quartered
There goes the hope for wolves last order
Quit the lies
Quiet thine tongue
See nightmare when they lay to sleep
Quashed by order they do not keep
Quote elders out of turn to silence those who have learned.

For Truth
For Justice
For Peace
For that serenity we seek
But wonder why the dread wells up within, a tepid pleasure to those Quelled voices and Quickened hearts.
Never before have we faced a new start.
Voices to be heard.
Push on for one, and one for all; but may logic and truth free those from their chains.

We will not go Q uietly into the night
We will not drown without a fight
Grim action if required
One last stand to shepherd the flock
Will of people forever enslaved
Greatness in the battle thought lost
All here at last, to victory we go

For Freedom has no other way.

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