NaughtyDogs Get Put Down (comic)

This comic is partially in jest, and also to illuminate the horrible abuse of copyright claims being performed on multiple forms of Social Media; including Youtube, Twitter, (Reddit?) and a few other sources I have forgotten.
This is an issue surrounding a significantly poor story choice in killing off fan-favorite characters (at least one was expected), for meaningless and inconsistent narratives in a story which altered course significantly.

Ever since playing “The Last Of Us” (part 1) I’ve thought the game was an amazing experience.
Though I admit the end of the first game became a little stale in the last few sections up to the finale (finale itself I enjoyed), the Story of the Characters and the world were truly amazing when compared to many other forms of video games.

So when I heard that the “Last of Us Part 2” was coming out, I knew I was going to buy it on release day, probably the more expensive copies known as Deluxe or Gold version.

I will now not be purchasing this game, as unfortunately, the game studio Director of Naughty Dog (Neil Druckmann) has firstly, created a story that from what has been released, spits on the original premise of the first story – not only hurting characters but damaging the very point of the story, that no matter what, you should go on and find a reason to keep living.
Part 2 seems to be more about the problem with violence begetting violence, which is understandable, but with the original optimism that somehow, even if we cannot save humanity from itself, we can at least push to do better with what we have.
And for the love of God, Don’t. Let. Go. of those you love.

This concept seems to be lost in Part 2, at least from what we have seen in the video clips and story found in the leaks.
This in of itself would be sad for any fan of the series, and yet I would have still purchased the game; maybe not on release day, but at least when it was discounted.

Now, with the way SONY and NaughtyDogs has been Abusing Copyright claims on so many sources, I find myself losing all faith in any product they produce.
To top it off, this game studio is hurting honest reviewers who have done nothing wrong.

To Be Clear:
There are people, fans, game reviewers, all in fear and at risk of losing their very livelihoods in some cases over reporting on legitimate news, which, is not capable of being copyright claimed.
Many of these reviewers simply used their own words and provided no in-game footage, such as I myself am doing in this blog post.



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