Musings – Personal Reflection

Life is a strange conundrum, especially when one considers the many facets of everyday struggle.

Our days are many inconsequential devices which begin with a mere thought – and end with little notice, such as taking an extra minute to shower; or offering a smile to a stranger.

But have you ever taken pause, a mere moment, and considered what the result of each process became?

Surely your words were not of import, that handshake meant nothing, the manner of letting another person in line ahead of you; or even complimenting another’s apparel – meaningless. Or were they?

We live within a sphere of our own making. This in turn means we suffer a tunneled vision that is difficult to break free of. Seeing what is done by our own hands is very different in perception when looking on externally.

Peering at your own mannerisms can be quite shocking, but this is often only so when one can accept their faults. To see truth, there must be a willingness to view both good and bad equally, for otherwise perception is shaded yet again.

The moment in which someone can see, in point of fact, they do not admire themselves; that is when truth and understanding begins to set in.

Only then can change be enacted.

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