Damaged (Poetry)

Drifting as nails on chalk
An ear for the broken bell
Justified in angst
A trifle too late
Little to treasure; conjured at a whim
Flooded by passions irregardless of sin.

Greed consumes
Black as coal
A pitiful soul split in two.

Brace for rekindled doubts
Blinded by old flames
Time will tell
Fight and win
Drag that broken body to the end.

Listening to heavy rain
A quiet eve of disdain
Placid pools grow anew
Drape shadows upon a mind in gloom.

Sinister calling
A warped tone
Drag eyes away; a horror of its own
Tears mixed with blood
Shape an evening current
I say it’s failure by design
Not these tepid waters, rather all of mankind.

“Damaged” (Poetry by Marcus Liotta)

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