Roe v Wade – Problem or Distraction?

Firstly, let’s talk about Babies.

Let’s be clear. When inception occurs so does life, whether one can or cannot claim that life is a person is irrelevant.

Instead, we should understand that such a life and it’s destiny must be rightfully controlled by those who spawned it, at least until birth.

Recently I’ve seen comparisons made.

The arguments of guns vs women’s babies is bad logic on the part of conservatives. They argue guns should be regulated and at the same time that women must be forced to birth in many cases that would be thought of as outrageous or inconsistent with their beliefs.

While it is true that sex has consequences, it is not our decision to make on behalf of others.

Birth and Abortion should be informed parental decisions.

Purchasing a gun should be an informed individual decision.

Both should be unregulated.
This is because information often cures emotionally prone decisions, especially the earlier in one’s life it is provided. Good family life and proper safety in either scenario can help prevent emotionally disturbed events.

As such, when we work as a society to support each other and push better values, we also help ensure stability.

What happened with Roe v Wade overturned by SCOTUS?

The Roe v Wade correction was a ruling that federal government has no authority mandating bodily autonomy.

While this may change abortion laws at a state level, it means we the people can democratically change them as we see fit, by local elections.

Essentially the Roe v Wade decision was overturned because SCOTUS declared federal control over women’s bodies is not allowed by the federal government.

Though this looks bad for abortion options, it is actually removing the ability for our federal government to control a human body. SCOTUS did exactly what Feminists demanded for many years, which is merely returning the voting rights to local state government – which is easier for a local people to control.

This said, some states still push for the extremist methodology, as in, that for some reason government has power over an individual’s or parental pair’s bodies.

But, for the states as is for the fed, this is an abomination of their power. Moreover, something else is happening.

But wait, the government can fix it… right?

Said the naive.

If there is anything I’ve learned about government in this life, it’s two simple concepts.

  1. Laws apply to us, not government (officials)
  2. Governments distract us from what they really do.

1. Laws apply to us, not government.

Marcus Liotta

Governments ignore laws they do not like and move forward anyway.

Often, laws or lack thereof are bypassed with departments who have unreasonable power that laws never previously were allowed to create. This is a major issue as those departments may be vast and unmentioned by public scrutiny.

One may be asking themselves, but which departments are like this? The answer: all of them.

From the Departments of: Environmental Protection Agency (epa), SEC, Education, ATF, FHFA, FHA, NSA, Homeland Security, ICE, to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), which one of these or many more hasn’t breached laws or ‘effectively created laws’ by adding “regulations” that were never voted on?

Since when were we the people okay with unelected officials orchestrating our lives from thousands of miles away?

We aren’t.

2. Governments distract us from what they really do.

Marcus Liotta

With all of the major news cycles happening recently, we have to ask ourselves, what is really going on?

It’s been a world-shattering cataclysm of events in only a year’s time. Below are the summarized events (mostly in order), however this does not capture every single one.

  1. Massive labor shortages as jobs remain unfilled.
  2. 2021 – Presidential change. (Biden)
  3. Immediately signs ~20+ executive orders.
  4. USA Prints trillions of dollars beyond Covid-19 pandemic needs, as if money soon won’t matter.
  5. Biden administration claims there are no food shortages.
  6. Oil leases cancelled. Cars no longer allowed to be manufactured non-electric beyond 2030.
  7. USA sees oil and gas prices soar.
  8. USA printing money and banning oil producing causes 30%+ inflation.
  9. Biden administration claims there will be food shortages by end of 2022.
  10. March 2022 – Russia attacks Ukraine.
  11. USA sends 50B+ in weapons and funds to Ukraine.
  12. Monkeypox outbreak fails to scare world.
  13. Elon Musk decides to buy Twitter.
  14. Tesla Robot in plans for production.
  15. Russia cuts gas to Germany and other countries.
  16. Multiple former Trump officials arrested, including a house representative.
  17. Germany cuts natural gas to france.
  18. Germany begins rationing food in stores.
  19. Faith lost in Crypto due to multiple Crypto lenders and transaction hubs cancel withdrawal availability. This occurs even as Stock markets begin to crash.
  20. China plans to take Taiwan and causes Taiwan to begin preparing for invasion.
  21. USA – May 2022 Biden creates “Disinformation Board” to determine and manipulate Disinformation in a move similar to the book “1984”.
  22. May 18th 2022 – Disinformation Governance Board is discontinued publicly.
  23. Food selection (options) continuously reduces over the year in USA. Expirations on food items become closer to current day.
  24. Fires and other disasters affect 80+ food manufacturing facilities since 1/1/2022
  25. Elon Musk speaks out against government, Bill gates, and for freedom of speech.
  26. January 6th hearings in congress June 2022.
  27. SCOTUS Roe v Wade overturn leaked.
  28. Man shows up to Brett Kavanaugh house, failed assassination of Justice.
  29. Uvalde School Shooting marched around.
  30. Justin Trudeau of Canada bans all handguns.
  31. USA – Red Flag laws created for all states that accept federal funding.
  32. News that Biden is making major Housing reform changes as interest rates rise significantly.
  33. Russia defaults on debt June 26th 2022.
  34. SCOTUS
    • Rules on 2nd Amendment rights.
    • Overturns Roe v Wade.
  35. Roe v Wade protests start 6/26 2022
    • Protestors in some cities riot.

Possible Future Events:

  1. 4th of july incident?
  2. End of 2022 – A reason to keep us home in fear. Another Pandemic (as claimed by Biden) -or- Nuclear War risks, something similar.
    • Exclusive Mail-in Voting for the 2022/2024 elections – or cancel the votes altogether.
  3. Real estate markets crash in 2023.

What is going on?

Off hand I am not sure, but this seems like a power struggle we do not see.

It is a change from our current standards to something unknown. The only question now is, who and where comes out on top?

Perhaps it’s the end of the world as we know it…

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