School Violence


We should not assume all teachers are angels.

Instead, let’s heavily evaluate:

1) What is Taught in Public Schools.


2) How both Teachers and Administrative Staff handle themselves with students when out of public scrutiny.


How many school shooters went to the same school they terrorized?

There is little to no reason one might lash out on those they do not know unless it’s the Place or Idea that is hated.

Do we assume Convenience of Familiar Ground?
or ask
Was the Shooter’s Mind damaged by a place they hate?

Private Schools

I ask, why do we not hear about private school shootings?

Parents who care? Teachers who teach? Faculty whose desire is not to change but rather develop?

There are many routes one can take to ask the obvious. Why don’t they happen there?

School Targeted Shootings

Regarding school shootings.
There are a number of contributing factors that ultimately are not specific to the weapon of choice, but rather the mentality and culture of the school systems.

Over time administrative staff and teachers in of themselves have often become harsh and unforgiving for students, causing many to loathe and despise them – this is especially common in middle school and high-school where students begin to realize the school staff in some cases are verbally or physically abusive to students and their parents.

It seems we must ask ourselves some questions.

What is the goal?
What is the root problem?

These are key to ask as often if you aim to fix a problem without a goal, the end result is rarely what one desires.

Then, the root of the issue, it is often missed on the very surface.

My perspective as the root is, schools have been packed like a can of sardines, students are bullied into “getting along”, and told they should enjoy what they hate or be punished.

Though that perspective is not the same for all students, ask some individuals grown and still in school how they felt or feel about it.

What I hear? Usually stories of one or two good teachers, but the rest is a horror story!

So then, why would any parent want their child to be tortured for 12 years of their life? Perahps: they do not know.

It should be noted: Many schools, including in Texas, do not allow Assigned Police Officers to carry Firearms when on school campuses.

School Assigned officers are often referred to as “School Resource Officers” (SRO)

Let’s go over a few contributing statistics to violence.

What else is happening?

1. School Population growth.
2. Integration of varied student regional cultures.
3. Bullying (physical and mental)
4. Rise of Social Media and reclusiveness.

There is also the increase in early Childhood Sexualization, which in many studies has led to various mental conditions which affect an individual most if not their entire life.

The rise of Social Media (especially in minors who are very impressionable)

Student Enrollment and Overcrowding

Early Sexualization

Early Sexualization (Including Earlier sex education that is overt in content)

School Shootings (data)

Violent Deaths at schools stay about the same, slightly reduce from 1993 – 2016.

FBI School Shooter statistics 277 since 2000

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