Bullies and Friends

Writing mantras help face those who oppose us.

Too many bully, harass, or belittle, they tell us (this) is all we are.
Of them I say, don’t listen.

Defy them.

Fight for the world.
Never give up.
Never give in.
Resist those who seek to imprison us, even if only in our own minds.

Many I know(or knew), claimed they would be put in concentration camps by Trump for being gay or supporting similar beliefs.
This did not happen.
If it had, I would have opposed the aggressors then as well.

These same individuals now want those who refuse a permanent medical treatment to be rounded up and put into camps.
Defy them.

I will not take a booster.
So when boosters are compulsory, some friends and family are okay with me:

-Refused other life saving medical treatments.
-Not allowed to work.
-Not able to eat.

100% verified directly they want these for me.
That is Evil.

Remember: Untamed Power not met with resistance is all consuming.

Governments have always taken until their people say “no more.”

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