Government Seizure

Update 2021 June 23rd:

The decision in Collins, et al V. Yellen was released and I have attached the verdict to this text.

Overall, though the 3rd Amendment claim we made was dismissed, the mixed bag of FHFA being Unconstitutional and the APA claim being Remanded to the 5th Circuit Court does bode well.

This in the end may force lower courts, other cases, or even the FHFA/Treasury to be recognized as Executive branch Self-Dealing.

In other words, it could end up voiding much of everything.

Ultimately we have to see what direction the Federal Agencies take next and see if lower courts force any further action that currently is not planned.

Wait and See.

Remember, reality rarely works out as we expect.

Collins,et al V. Yellen (Treasury) – SCOTUS

Law is an interesting concept. In theory it is the rule setter, that no individual may violate another in various ways.

In reality, unfortunately those with sway in Government choose what such Laws mean upon execution; and it takes a stalwart Judge to say “no.”

Many may not understand why I take action on what I do, fighting the Treasury in the Supreme Court over illegally taking property and violating both conservator and contract law; but know it must be done.

In no country should the Government be allowed to take property for itself without proper payment, or, due process of constitutional law.

While I cannot speak for the other plaintiffs, I fight for our freedoms.

I have been cautiously optimistic my case in SCOTUS would be ruled on justly, and, set a precedent that never allows government to steal a companies assets perpetually ever again.
Which, in my view, the entire ordeal is a violation of the 5th Amendment’s “take for public use”, clause.

There are many concepts surrounding this case which are shocking and alarming that they have not been widely proclaimed as unjust and even, heinous.

Long before this case…

In 2007/8 the United States Treasury along with a few other parts of government, orchestrated and ensured the entire World Economy suffered; simply by refusing to bailout a single company – Lehman Brothers.

Hank Paulson knew (per documented memos/emails), that by choosing to ignore the plight Lehman Brothers faced, it would plunge the world into a dark recession. Furthermore, this was the groundwork used to seize the inflated and now collapsing housing market in one fell swoop, by stealing away the two companies known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The boldness of openly taking over companies that had plenty of capital buffer to survive months during a crisis shows how strong belief was that the government would never be punished for their crimes, and indeed, they likely will not see criminal prosecution.

Not only did the Treasury and FHFA seize two enormous companies and disband the current board of directors under what amounts to Blackmail, they also essentially took control of the entire housing market.

If this isn’t disconcerting, that the government essentially decided it wanted power and money, assets, and simply took them… I know not what is.

I have been a silent Activist in order to ensure my own case was not compromised throughout different stages of the justice system, and yet, I leapt to the opportunity in fighting for my country in whatever way I could. Still, it was painful to realize how weak the system is and how much must be done to fight for the very freedoms our constitution purports to ensure we retain.

The government has no end to it’s hunger for power and the corruption which runs ripe within it’s organizations is no different from the spoiled fruit of many years labor. It has rotted from the core and thankfully, our Supreme Court of the United States may still rule upon matters in the manner meant to represent the people and prevent overreach, but still many of our laws and agencies have crept far beyond the realm of their authority.

Some words of Wisdom

Be wary.

Fight back in anyway you can.

Never give up. Hold a light to the darkness and smile.

This all said, the last decade has been a harrowing time.

Sure, I’ve been a successful Day Trader in the past, but I’ve also endured many personal ordeals that have stretched me to the very limits of my sanity.

For a long time, multiple people in life cast me in an unreasonable and highly negative light; to the point where the constant accusations made me doubt myself, when in fact I was right from the onset of my theories.

I am thankful for being able to survive the process and still do what must be done, fight for our very freedoms, the very God given rights the founders were afraid we would one day lose.

Push ever forward.

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