Shadows Behind

Those shadows follow my every move. They always glide so quiet, always in stride, tempting me to test their drive.

Subtle change in their moves, an unparalleled shift in manner to boot, but i know they are mine, and no one else would claim otherwise.

They seek me out in the dead of night. Twisting and turning, seeking some new light. I grow wary of their forms, for they are not human as I; but rather some strange imagining, one I cannot surmise.

Everywhere I go, those shadows haunt my being. I wonder where they came from, why they follow my every move. But so far they only make me fear, having never done harm to me.

The blood that fell from my lip was strange, as if I should have expected the ground would hit back. I tripped they say, but wouldn’t have had that shadow not been in my way.

Now as I start a new day, those dark wanderings watch me pray. They cackle and mock, only to show blazing eyes that I cannot stare down.

There they stay, in my way, but also a new friend in my darkest of shadows.

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