Valentine Poetry

A poem I enjoyed writing for my own surprised love.

Though I see your face when I close my eyes, it’s never enough.
When you leave my heart shakes, the feeling is of surprise, like an arrow in my side.
Wearing me down, feeling weak, always needing that kiss so sweet.

My mind is set afire
when I can’t hold you in my arms
nor touch your delicate skin
less I taste that delicious scent
And breathe it all in.

The feeling drives me mad, a torrent of mixed emotions which grip my insides.
Yet how can I explain these things I feel, that I regret any evening we skip; for it’s always been surreal.

So here I write the thoughts from within
Wondering if I should say them on a whim
Pausing, holding back because I dare not scare you away…
But oh fuck it all, this is Valentine’s Day!

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