Somehow we live our unique, and often boring, lives in a way that fails to exemplify the powerful reasons for our own existence.

This is not to say you were or were not born of a destiny, but rather, we forget what drives us. Why we work toward a goal.

In that forgetful nature, it is best to return to a state of mental acuity. Envision what you not only desire, but why, and the purpose behind those goals.

It is a sad day when many simply exist to feed, work, sleep, and breed. The challenge is merely overcoming boredom while ensuring one’s own reclusive sense of existence persists.

Where is the joy in that?

So then is there something else of value that we can reach for? Surely there are concepts we demand realized; but they cannot simply be that of monetary value nor of physical desires. To see either as an ultimate goal disarms ones own ability to prosper, for it is unlike mankind to feel complete by mere ownership.

But what is worth fighting for? Perhaps, it is an idea. So then ask what is the value of your life if you are unwilling to take charge of said idea, let alone a virtue that would be worth dying for?

Value is subjective, purely based upon how one perceives the world.

Law, Morality, Respect, Honor, and virtually any other philosophy are all propped up solely by the bravery and risk taken by those willing to defend them.

Without risk, without danger involved, there can be no respect for someone who claims to defend an ideal, but never stands up for it.

So perhaps we should ask ourselves; what do we stand for?

#truth #philosophy #reality

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