Dragon Fire (art / story)

I finished this piece in an hour, I pride myself on that. Lovely and dark all at once.

The weary and ragged knight looked off into the distance, vactant stare passing over his now barbecued steed. A single tear dribbled down his cheek.

“She was a good horse,” he said.

A mighty roar echoed across the distant mountains, pulling at the roots of trees as an almighty wind beset their crippled and burned out forms. This new reality of despair and torture, it was one nothing in nature had seen for a millennium.

Julius frowned. Surely a knight of his experience could win. He held a well practiced sword, a trained mind of determination, but alas, there was a fabled truth which he could never shake. Indeed, for though he was a prime example of the noble kingdom he defended, the one truth which haunted his being caught up to him in one fell swoop.

For all of his might, all of his deeds, he was still nothing but a Man.

He had pinned the foul thing with a lance, shot it full of poisoned arrows, and of course, stabbed out one of it’s glowing eyes. And yet, the demon returned on an errant breeze.

The terrifying snarl became Julius’ newfound existence as that dreadful being leveled itself to his own vision.

There it hovered, glaring down with an utter hatred no other being had ever levied upon Julius’ being. The one eye that remained held a sinister light, an evil glow which he knew was inescapable.

Julius, knowing his luck had finally run out and seeing he could do nothing more, simply stood to await judgement.

A dark glow began to form at the massive maw above him, it grew with both cackling fire and a dark energy he could not ascertain.

In that final moment, Julius dropped his sword and shield, saying a last word of prayer as the dragon fire engulfed his being.


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