Hacking Elections

Hacking. Stealing away pieces to a puzzle, numbers, variables, coded hashes. Intruding upon systems where authority is taken solely as absolute… until a glimpse reveals…

Truth is often unkind.
You have no control.

Who holds keys to the kingdom, is not so absolute after all. (: 🙂

The below video in plain and basic terms clearly explains most if not all of my concerns with voting machines, specifically “dominion” voting machines.

For years I have voiced concerns that it would be very easy to hack an election and even many of these very examples were openly exploited during the very hacking convention I personally spoke at during 2019 (DEFCON27.)

I asked, how do we know our votes ever mattered?
They didn’t in many places.

Dominion User Guides:

Video (source 1)

Video (source 2)

Additional reading below…

Rachel Tobac and a variety of other Hackers / Social engineers have openly demonstrated how easy reconfiguring a voting machine can be. A prime example was during DEFCON 27 when an entire event was based around election security and the potential for abuse.

Yes, the FBI was onsite while hackers broke into eBay purchased election machines. (Nothing about that sentence feels good, does it?)

Election Hacking (CNN) https://youtu.be/HA2DWMHgLnc

NBC – Hackers can target voting machines https://youtu.be/QtWP0KDx2hA

“Def Con hackers made quick work of electronic voting machines” https://youtu.be/4p4mXCn470s

Fusion “A Hacker Shows Us How Easy it is To Manipulate Voting Machines”

PBS “Will Georgia’s new voting machines solve election problems — or make them worse?” 

“Mark Malloch Brown admits license agreement between Smartmatic and Dominion”

“Filipino Lawmaker Says Smartmatic Machine was Pre-Loaded with Ballot Counts Before Election Started”

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