Two Faced (art)

There are multiple perspectives to every aspect of who we are.

So then, why do we often settle for understanding ourselves from a singular vantage; a point of self? Perhaps it is too confusing to listen from another’s perspective, or even, that we take an inherent pride in our own actions – an equivalent to supposing self-worth.

But that is why one should distance from ownership of their own devices, not to agree that another is the default of “right”, rather to untangle the mess of thoughts which we bundle so closely together; such that they end up as a ball of yarn preyed upon by any common feline.

“Doubt” is not enjoyable in way of experience. Yet, ignorance is the larger Evil that one might bestow upon all they do.

Question your own motivations, and then doubt becomes an inquiry of honest and ungraceful Truth.

#acrylicpainting #painting #art
#darkart #truth

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