The Red Ember(story)

This is the end of a strange story of mysticism and fantasy which someone prompted earlier this morning. Was a fun and quick write-up.

Prelude: We see a sorceress holding a glowing crystal in one hand, gripping that red ember of glowing magic as if it was her life’s work. Beside her is a vast expanse of darkened water and across the way are the beached remains of a large metal ship, a skeleton of what was surely hundreds of years earlier. It is marooned on the sandy shore and a reminder of what once was.

The moon is out, and it casts a yellow glow upon reflecting water and also the grass covered shore where the sorceress stands.

But then… in the distance a voice.

“Stop!” Henry shouted.
The woman he loved either ignored him or never heard his dire warning.
Syren knelt down and slid her hand into the water. At first the bright red magic she held dulled, as if it would be extinguished.
But then, the water around it began echoing that same terrifying magic.
Syren smiled, basking in the light of her work only to have that happiness suddenly be expunged.
Her hand was stuck.
The more she tugged the stronger some sort of heavy construct held her fast. It wasn’t just the water, but rather, a physical thing which wouldn’t let her go.
A second red orb began glowing where once there was only her first offering.
Two identical balls of magic fire stared at her from under the water. It was then Syren realized what she had done.
Henry was right.
She couldn’t control the Golem under these dark waters.
Without warning, she felt a tug and the metal machine quickly pulled her down into the depths.
Henry was sprinting by now.
He saw Syren suddenly jerk and fly into the darkness of the lake.
He watched as she disappeared.
Dropping to hands and knees at where she just was, he screamed and hollered on repeat.
“No! No this can’t be! No!”
Pain agonized in every word but those waters he peered into were empty.
She was gone.

The End

Original Prompt and copy of Image found on Facebook Fantasy Writers board:

Original image if used is courtesy of Kellepics on Pixabay.

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