DEFCON27 Speaker

Tech Sector Update++

Cool Stuff – UPDATE 8/11/2019

I was in Las Vegas Nevada on August 8th 2019 for a Social Engineering presentation. Presented at 430pm.
The topic? “Leveraging the Insider threat, oh, and how to Be Awesome.

SEVillage at DEF CON

Presentation Video:

Speaking at #DEFCON27 was an amazing experience!

Discovered the day before I would present to upwards of 900 people rather than around 250 like prior years’ history suggested. That surprise never phased me.
I was ecstatic!

I am grateful for the positive experience I was able to provide for many individuals, especially those who spoke to me later on and were clearly trying to understand themselves for the better.

To know I helped even a few dozen in the crowd (confirmed by direct interaction), proves to me that making the decision to speak, putting in as much effort as I did, it was not only worth it; but the Right action for me to take.

Tips for Life:
Say “Yes”!
Dont give up!
Stay Positive!
Be Good to others and Outgoing!
Everyone has a skill you don’t have, ask for help!


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