Comic: Crypto Currency


Bitcoin: known for being an investment and also a currency.
Confusing, right?
If you have an investment, it is expected to gain in value as it ages, gains more traction, is a good of worth.
Currencies on the other hand – they are meant to be less than flexible, a backbone of societal trade for said goods and services that others might consider an investment.

Hence, Crypto-Currencies can only be a currency or an investment. To be both breaks logical boundaries.

According to many, Crypto Currencies are, well, as the name indicates… a currency.
Yet… also, an investment.

How can a currency be an investment?
Answer: It can’t.

One can trade currencies for profit, during times of fluctuation. However, the point of a currency is to remain stable at a specific value… to be used in lieu of physical goods or labor as trade.

Now don’t get me wrong, Bitcoin could be fun to trade (I wouldn’t dump my life savings in it though.) Also, don’t be the guy without a chair when the music stops.


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