A Book that Changed my Life

Sometimes there are integral facets of our imagination that must be tweaked, pressures placed on our subconscious mind to make sense of the world as we now see it.
That’s why a book I cherish so much, also, aided in shaping my understanding of reality itself.

One of my favorite Authors, and a woman who I’ve appreciated since childhood is Ursula K. Le Guin.
Her book “A Wizard of Earthsea“, is simply put; immaculate. (A Fantasy Novel)
Moreover, it teaches so many lessons that any man should know well.

It hit me hard.

The book taught me at a very young age what it is to truly struggle with the omnipotent forces of Good and Evil in your own life, both mentally and physically.

Even though I did not fully understand for many years, it is the book which helped me eventually comprehend my innate wish to do Good, always and no matter the cost.

Revealed to me how Evil must be shed as a burning iron in one’s hand or forever bond, scarring a soul.
It revealed to me that some of the greatest Evils in this world are the lies people tell, and those we dictate to ourselves.

Finally, the book teaches an imperative lesson.
Face your fears.
See your Evil.
And fight, until your very last breath.

~Marcus Liotta

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