Cory knew it was all bad, but how could he have seen the truth? Never in his darkest of nightmares did he expect himself trapped.

CHOSEN plunges into the psyche of how School Systems themselves promote Bullying, and, takes that issue to the extreme in dystopian fashion.

Nothing is as it seems.


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The school bore a terrible secret, one which haunted the minds of those whisked away in the dead of night. Many never noticed, some children however felt something deep within their bones. A certainty prevailed, that those cherished birthday parties were none so bright.
Why did so many disappear and who could be trusted?
What’s really going on?


Format: Short Story
Dystopian Psychological Suspense and Horror
Print Length: 51 pages


Contains psychological disturbance, including reference to torture, gore, and other visceral imagery. Minimal cursing. Some depictions are of children.
Author Recommendation:
Adult or Age 17+

Note from the Author:

“During my upbringing while still in school, and after evacuating from that prison – I was a victim of bullying.
These bullies kept the same face but changed tactics over time.
Unfortunately, over my life I have found that as a child and teenager it was not primarily other children who persecuted their peers, or if they did; it was incited by another rarely outlined party.
Rather, Teachers and Administrative staff of school systems enact policies and punishments which never fit the crimes, and moreover, these same officials allowed their bitterness to fuel a desire to control and demean students at their facilities.
This is unacceptable!

Having seen this first hand during my own upbringing, and, as a parent, we must understand that children will do as they are forced, and, mimic those adults who oversee them.
I write this exaggerated dystopian story to point out the horrifying truth of our own society in this day and age.
This is not a read for a weak stomach.
We should be ashamed for sending our children to a prison that essentially conditions them to accept a tortured existence from School Faculties, and yet not give them any tools to fight back.”

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