Behind The Door

Behind The Door

Cold. The wretched feeling returned and with it an unbridled fear. His powers were meaningless in the face of this demon, an indiscriminate butcher.
When darkness finally sets in, only madness will remain.
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From the Back Cover

A hand not so unlike his own appeared at mirror’s edge, beckoning expectantly. This anomaly was nothing new, but was it real?
Over the years Gabriel struggled with the very foundations of reality, those notions others assume. He was not so blind, knowing everything started with the door.
What came through that dark was grotesque, an inhuman butcher twisting life beyond recognition.
Therapy did nothing, and when the pills were gone he was not prepared.
Friends suffered.
People died.
A truly terrifying question formed.
“What have I done?”


A terrifying apparition follows the same psychic whose every step is laden with chaos. In fleeing he unlocks mysterious powers, yet the past is never far behind, seeing fit to take on a murderous rampage.
Format: Novel
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Horror
Print Length: 302 Pages

Parental Guide

Inside one may find graphic content depicting extreme violence, mental disturbance, and horrific themes. Minimal swearing.
Author Recommendation:
Adult or Age 15+

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