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Everything that remained was but an eternal darkness. Only the silent glinting of stars gave any glimpse of visibility. She wished it hadn’t.

The silence of space can be overwhelming. It can drive a man to madness. When one is consumed by the Empty, a region beyond the reaches of known star maps, there is no rescue.

In the vast Empty, nothing can be trusted.

A scavenging crew discovers this first hand when they ransack an aged provisioning vessel. Far from any possible civilization, they encounter something more deadly than they could have ever imagined.

They should have known better.

Often, this place is where starships go to die.


Feature Type: Novella
Genre: Science Fiction Horror
Print Length: 85 pages.


Contains psychological disturbance, including reference to gore, blood, or visceral imagery. Also contains suggestions of cursing and brief depiction of drug or alcohol use.
Author Recommendation:
Adult or Age 15+

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