Writing is an art. When carefully plucked words bring immaculate depictions, opening imagination to concepts never before fathomed, only then can one rejoice.

Marcus Liotta is originally from Illinois and has walked a career in Information Technology. He enjoys observing the reality which surrounds us while contemplating a greater meaning behind shrouded complexities.
Logic, he believes, is the singular reliance any can hold true to until the end of time.

Often he loses himself in silence, thinking of those strange inter-working pieces of a world wrapped in mystery. Home Schooled as a child, he started higher education at sixteen with much hesitation, graduating from that New York college with a degree in Technology.

A technocrat at heart while loving yet also hating computers and other electronics. Video games are but another method of storytelling and those with amazing plot he readily enjoys, though dabbles rarely.

His own favorite authors, and those who inspired him as a child are:
A.E. Van Vogt, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and Ursula K. Le Guin (among many others.)


Reality is binary. Right and Wrong, Good versus Evil. Beyond the veil exists only Black or White, for there is no Gray.” –Marcus Liotta

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